What does Usain Bolt have to do with 19,000 bets?

According to the Telegraph, the betting industry’s take during the two-week Olympic Games in London this year will exceed that in Beijing 20 times over (maybe because China can’t cheat as easily this time, so the betting is more fair! Ha!).

Interestingly, over 3 million people will take the plunge in the world’s oldest social activity, betting, and place their first ever bet on an athlete or event in the London Olympic. And betting activity is on the rise. What was the most popular Olympics event? The biggest draw for Betfair, the world’s largest internet betting exchange, was the men’s 100 meter final.

During the event over 19,000 individual users placed bets on the outcome of the race. Usain Bolt was responsible for more than one record that day! Overall, Betfair saw slightly under 100,000 customers making bets during the two weeks, a record number for the firm.

Betting holds a special place in gamesmanship, and we hope this tradition continues.

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