Sony Entertainment stretching into the lucrative casual gaming market

…not surprisingly! And Sony has a solid approach. Not only is the gaming giant attempting to break into a whole new pool of gamers, but it invested into attracting developers and building an ecosystem to support them.

Sony had first mentioned the new move at E3 in LA earlier this summer, but was able to share more tangible details at Gamescon in Germany. First, the company announced the brand new PlayStation Mobile Developer Program and a software development kit (SDK), which would allow developers to actively engage with the brand and work directly. Second, the company will be utilizing existing infrastructure, PlayStation Network (PSN), an online gaming site with a large user base. Strategically, Sony hit the jackpot, as the company will be expanding its offering with a very small chance of downside (if any).

This exciting new development is a great move for consumers who are ready to get their favorite game titles on a mobile platform, having been exhausted by the endless ‘villes iterations produced by the likes of Zynga.