Sony Entertainment stretching into the lucrative casual gaming market

…not surprisingly! And Sony has a solid approach. Not only is the gaming giant attempting to break into a whole new pool of gamers, but it invested into attracting developers and building an ecosystem to support them.

Sony had first mentioned the new move at E3 in LA earlier this summer, but was able to share more tangible details at Gamescon in Germany. First, the company announced the brand new PlayStation Mobile Developer Program and a software development kit (SDK), which would allow developers to actively engage with the brand and work directly. Second, the company will be utilizing existing infrastructure, PlayStation Network (PSN), an online gaming site with a large user base. Strategically, Sony hit the jackpot, as the company will be expanding its offering with a very small chance of downside (if any).

This exciting new development is a great move for consumers who are ready to get their favorite game titles on a mobile platform, having been exhausted by the endless ‘villes iterations produced by the likes of Zynga.

betillion weighs in on Facebook’s foray into online gambling

What does a betting and trading game have to say about Bingo Friedzy, Facebook’s first online gambling application that uses real money? Well, as an aspiring game in a similar space, we are really excited!

“Real-money gaming is a popular and well-regulated activity in the UK and we are allowing a partner to offer their games to adult users on the Facebook platform in a safe and controlled manner,” Facebook said in a statement, according to Reuters.

These are incredibly progressive words from a company that has played it safe since its inception in 2006. With only 30% of its revenue generated by non-gambling games, an early foray into the real-money playing may be the push that Facebook needs to assuage investors’ uncertainty about the company’s revenue-generating prowess.

There is no doubt, Zynga’s Poker and Slot Machine games will soon follow, and the gaming giant has shared this ambition explicitly (according to the Financial Times). Both Zynga and Facebook struggle to support expectations of analysts in terms of revenue, and online gambling presents the perfect opportunity.

This move is not desperate, but rather calculated and forward-looking.

betillion takes betting & trading gaming to new hights

Well it’s true, we’re here and we’re serious. We’re not playing – we’re gaming.

Welcome to betillion, the first social platform for gamers who want to make bets of any imaginable size, and control their odds without the nuisance of commission or playing fees. The game traces its humble roots to a bet among friends in the little town called Las Vegas, where the idea was conceived after a bout of gambling, general buddy buffoonery, and Mike Tyson’s stolen tiger. Ok, maybe the part about the tiger is a bit embellished (thanks Hangover for forever raising our expectations of Vegas trips, which will never quite reach the schizophrenic, diabolical, and utterly impossible stunts of a well financed film).

Our goals is to revolutionize the online gaming market. Oh yea, it’s happenin’.